September 29, 2023

A dog was left far from happy with his owner after discovering what she had done with his beloved soft toys.

In a video posted to TikTok under the handle bettywilly212, Rachael Williamson shared a clip of her greyhound River giving her some serious side-eye.

The source of his ire is quickly apparent: his mom has washed all of his soft toys and they are currently drying on the clothesline, leaving him with nothing to play with.

Five toys are visible on the line, including a sheep, a rabbit and at least one dog. As a result, River is left with little to do but stand around and wait for the toys to dry, much to his apparent annoyance.

River the greyhound is not happy.
River the greyhound was not a happy boy. His expression had viewers on TikTok in hysterics.

Though dogs may not be able to say how they feel, they are capable of conveying basic emotions through their facial expressions.

A recent study published in the scientific journal Animals concluded that dogs have a range of facial expressions that offer a clear indication of their overall emotional state.

Researchers found that dogs were able to effectively convey if they were feeling happy, confused or even sad in a given situation. By contrast, wolves were not able to do so.

River appears a mix of sad and confused in the clip, watching on as his toys dry.

However, the look he gives his owner towards the end of the video is not a happy one, as many viewers were quick to point out. “The look of absolute betrayal,” one user commented with another writing: “the horror.” A third said: “Give the babies back!”

The comments section was awash with laughing-face emojis and a considerable amount of “awws” from sympathetic animal lovers.

For some, the entire thing was highly relatable. In fact, a couple of pet owners chimed in with memories of how their dogs ended up turning the waiting around into a game in itself.

One TikToker wrote: “My collie would be jumping up to liberate his friends from their air jail.” A second commented: “My Labrador thinks it’s a game and jumps up to ‘rescue’ them one by one.”

His owner had no regrets though. Though she acknowledged there were probably some who thought she was a “cruel mummy” she insisted they had to be washed as “they stank.”

The good news is that all five of the toys on the line appear to now be in pristine condition, ready for River to lay waste to them all over again.

Not that that is going to be much comfort to the greyhound in the immediate.

Newsweek has contacted bettywilly212 on TikTok for comment.

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