December 9, 2023

While exploring rural Utah, photographer Stephanie Hull stumbled on something that caused her jaw to drop.

Describing her discovery as “one of the spookiest things I’ve ever found,” the explorer came across an abandoned house with three dead cows on top.

“I live in Northern Wisconsin, but I travel all over the U.S. to take photos. I started exploring a little over five years ago,” Hull told Newsweek.

It was on one of her exploring trips that she found the cattle remains lying eerily on top of a building.

Cattle on roof
Pictures of an abandoned structure in the Utah desert with three dead cows on its roof. Stephanie Hull describes the house as “one of the spookiest things I’ve ever found.”
Stephanie Hull, @stephaniekay22 on Instagram

“It was so crazy to see,” said Hull. “It was almost shocking when we pulled up to the house. It’s in the middle of nowhere in the desert in Utah.”

Hull recorded the unusual find and shared what she had seen on her TikTok @stephaniekay522. With more than 180,000 views, the unusual sight has left people scratching their heads, although some have offered explanations.

“Mountain lions will do this—they take large prey up into trees and other places off the ground,” suggested viewer AlianaCEW.

TikTok user4686110022344 said: “Rancher probably put them up there to not entice coyotes to check his herd.”

Others had some more unusual theories. MrCMread suggested the unusual scene might be the result of a flood, while Carley Johnson simply said: “Just the aliens.”

Utah’s rugged landscapes and mining and pioneer history have long made it a favorite spot for archaeological and paleontological discoveries.

The state is also home to the so-called “UFO hotspot” Skinwalker Ranch, where for years there have been reports of UFO sightings, bizarre cattle mutilations, electromagnetic anomalies and unexplained phenomena.

“I tried to do some research as to why they’re up there, but I couldn’t find much,” Hull said.

But she did reveal that it seems like they had been put there intentionally.

“They have straps on them—almost like tow straps or ratchet straps on them,” she said. “They were clearly intentionally put on the roof.”

This isn’t the first time the discovery of unexpected remains has left people scratching their heads. In 2022, a couple found bones beneath the floorboards of their 150-year-old house, leaving people terrified after they shared their story on TikTok.

“I think it’s possible a tractor was used to pull them up there,” said Hull of the cow remains. “It’s not possible that they climbed up there.”

Hull was excited to snap pictures of the unusual sight but also took a video to share the moment.

“I take quick videos on my phone to share on TikTok if I think something is really interesting. I didn’t expect the video to blow up like it did,” she explained.

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