December 11, 2023

Suspect dead after opening fire on police in Northeast Philly shooting: police

Suspect dead after opening fire on police in Northeast Philly shooting: police


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A man was fatally shot by police after he opened fire and shot three police officers and another man in Northeast Philadelphia following a domestic incident, Interim Police Commissioner John Stanford said on Wednesday night. 

The shooting happened on the 7500 block of Whitaker Avenue just after 7 p.m.

“Just a tragic situation all the way around,” Stanford said. 

Stanford said a domestic-related incident led to the shooting inside a home on Whitaker Avenue. 

Inside the home, the son of the man killed by police, a 12-year-old, was playing a video game. Stanford said something about the video game agitated the father and he started to argue with his son and the 12-year-old’s uncle. 

A shot was fired inside the home and the 12-year-old and uncle moved to the upstairs section of the house, Stanford said. 

Stanford said the father then followed the 12-year-old and uncle upstairs and shot the uncle, which led to them calling 911. 


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After officers arrived at the home, Stanford said officers were immediately fired upon because the father went to the front of the home. Police officers returned fire and fatally shot the man. He was pronounced dead on the scene. 

At least three officers discharged their weapons, Stanford said. Two of them were among the three who were shot and the other was a supervisor. 

Stanford said two of the officers were shot in their legs, while a police sergeant was struck in their finger. It’s unclear what weapon the man had. 

All three were listed as stable at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital following the shooting, Stanford said. 

Stanford said the uncle was placed in critical condition at Abington Hospital.   

Police are still very early in their investigation. They haven’t revealed the identities of the officers or man killed at this time. 

“It is stunning,” Mayor Jim Kenney said. “I thank God that they’re all OK. I thank them for their bravery and their desire to do this job, which was very, very difficult, and I thank their families for the sacrifice that they make. There’s a lot of upset people in there that had a good outcome, but still emotionally traumatized — the one sergeant’s two young girls — and it’s just the whole family doesn’t know what they’re walking into and thankfully we walked into everyone being OK.”

“Just a tragic situation all the way around”: Police give update on 3 officers, suspect shot


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