December 8, 2023

Police identified 40-year-old Robert Card as a “person of interest” in a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night, where at least 22 people were killed and another 50 or 60 were injured.

A gunman opened fire at a bowling alley and a restaurant in Lewiston, Schemengees Bar and Sparetime Recreation, on Wednesday night, causing multiple casualties.

As of the early hours of Thursday, Card, a retired military officer, remained at large. Maine State Police, who are actively trying to locate him, warned residents to stay in their homes as Card is considered armed and dangerous.

Robert Card,the Lewiston, Maine mass shooting suspect
Robert Card is the Lewiston, Maine mass shooting suspect identified by police.

Police shared two photos of Card, including one which appears taken by his social media profile and shows him fishing, which have then been widely shared on social media to raise awareness among residents.

According to a press release by the Maine State Police, Card is a trained firearm instructor believed to be in the Army Reserve stationed in Saco, Maine. According to law enforcement, Card had recently reported suffering from mental health issues, including hearing voices and threatening to shoot up the National Guard Base in Saco.

Card, the statement continues, was also reportedly admitted into a mental health facility for two weeks in the summer of 2023 and later released.

According to the Maine police, Card was last known to be driving a 9246PD 2013 white Subaru Outback with a black bumper.

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