December 8, 2023

Pastor Julie Green, a self-proclaimed prophet and a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump and his MAGA movement, claimed in a recent video that she received a prophecy from God about “dark connections” to President Joe Biden.

In the message posted on Monday, Green said God indicated he would “expose” these connections to the White House, which she said involves “the Red Dragon” [seemingly China], Iran, Iraq, Ukraine and Canada.

Green frequently posts videos on streaming channels for her Julie Green Ministries International in which she shares messages that she claims God sends to her. Last month, she said in a video “prophecy” that the U.S. would soon suffer a major “attack” following the “persecution” of Trump.

Green has been a featured speaker at right-wing ReAwaken America events, which have also featured guests such as former Trump adviser Michael Flynn and Eric Trump, one of the former president’s sons. The younger Trump appeared on Green’s show in September, where she told him that messages from God to her indicated the Trump family is receiving God’s protection.

Joe Biden speaks in the White House
President Joe Biden on Tuesday speaks in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, D.C. A self-described prophet claimed she recently received a prophecy about “dark connections” related to Biden being revealed.

During her Monday message, Green spoke of a “greater weakness” in the “house you call white” and with “the one who’s sitting in a seat that doesn’t belong to him,” seemingly referring to Biden.

“I’ve told you I’ve cut the string from the puppet master and the puppet, so soon you’re about to see the puppet fall in greater ways,” she said.

The pastor then spoke of “great confusion … in the enemy’s camp” and said “he’s about to say again who’s really in charge and it’s not him.”

“For I will expose, oh yes, I will expose the tentacles that have been controlling the Biden. I will expose all the deep swamp are trying to do to you in this hour,” Green said.

Newsweek reached out for comment to the White House and Green via email on Thursday.

She continued by speaking of “foreign governments in foreign nations” being allowed to “infiltrate” the U.S. government. Green then further relayed the message she said was from God about exposing “every foreign entity in Washington, D.C.”

After running down the list of foreign governments such as Iran and Ukraine, Green emphasized America’s neighbor to the north.

“You will see connections to Canada. Evil dark connections with this deep state … The swamp runs far and wide,” Green said. “The roots of these nations connect in DC. I will show you each country. I will show you each government. I will show you each person. I will show you all the money.”

The message that Green said came from God then turned to the entertainment industry.

“I will show you what Hollywood has done. How they’ve had a major part in what you see in this great, evil movie that you have seen played before you like it’s real when it’s actually not.”