December 8, 2023

News conference after suspect and victim killed in shooting at hospital in Concord, NH

News conference after suspect and victim killed in shooting at hospital in Concord, NH


CONCORD, N.H. – A suspect and victim are both dead after a shooting at New Hampshire State Hospital in Concord Friday afternoon. Police say the situation is now “contained” and all patients at the hospital are safe. 

“Today an active shooter situation occurred at the New Hampshire State Hospital and was contained to the front lobby,” New Hampshire State Police Col. Mark Hall said. “There is no active shooter threat to the public. The scene remains active, as one suspicious vehicle has been located.”

New Hampshire State Police said earlier in a social media post that there were “multiple victims” in the shooting. They later confirmed one person was shot and taken to the hospital, where they died. The suspect was shot and killed by a New Hampshire State trooper who was assigned to the hospital. They would not confirm the victim’s identity.

The New Hampshire Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management said just after 4 p.m. that police were responding to “a situation unfolding at the New Hampshire Hospital.”

About a half hour later, the department said “The situation at New Hampshire Hospital has been contained. The scene remains active. The suspect is deceased.”

The public is being asked to avoid the area.

The 185-bed facility is an acute psychiatric hospital. The hospital has its own uniformed security force and requires visitors to go through metal detectors. 

Gov. Chris Sununu released a statement about the hospital incident.

“This afternoon, there was an incident at New Hampshire Hospital, which has been contained. While the scene remains active as the campus is cleared, the suspect is deceased. The state immediately mobilized, and first responders and law enforcement are on the scene. We will provide as many details as possible as this situation unfolds,” he said.  

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